Class Schedule

2014 Session Calendar
(Classes run from 9am-12:30pm with a few exceptions.)

• January 22, 2014: Meet & Greet – Eagle Mt. House
Welcome by program co-founders, outline expectations for participation and anticipated outcomes; introduction to LNH by Allyson Ryder; panel discussion on North Country & answer the “Million Dollar” question

• February 5, 2014: Education – Granite State College
Panel discussion with SAU 9 Asst. Superintendent, Elaine Millen

• February 26, 2014: Town Government – MW Observatory
A panel discussion with Town Manager Sires, Town Planner Irving,
School-board Chair Nancy Kellerman.

• March 19, 2014: Arts, Culture & Environment – Cranmore Mountain Resort
Commissioner Burack and Commissioner McLeod discuss the
economic impact of these two vital sectors to NH’s economy.
• March 28, 2014: Healthcare – MW Observatory
A panel discussion with Commissioner Toumpas of the Dept. of Health and Human Services.

• April 16, 2014: Meet the Commissioners – Granite State College
Build your network and speak first-hand to multiple state commissioners as they impart leadership and professional advice as well as speak on the challenges and rewards of their respective depts.

• April 30, 2014: Serving on Boards – Northway Bank, North Conway Branch
Class will present on an assigned chapter of Robert’s Rules of Order (provided to them through the class) Terry Knowles, Department of Justice will also share vital information for keeping any board you may serve on operating legally and efficiently.

• May 19, 2013, 9am-4pm: Business to Business Expo, Omni Mt. Washington Resort Network with over 100 businesses exhibiting in the ballroom, raise awareness of Leadership MWV and the valley’s vibrant pool of YP’s, attend educational sessions and the Business Awards Luncheon.

• May 21, 2013, 8:30am-4pm, (date is tentative): Field Trip –
Meet Governor Hassan and tour the State House with local and state officials

• June 11, 2013: Graduation
Time and place to be determined.


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