Town Government Interview-A.Brown

I interviewed Kelly Skehan from the Town of Ossipee. Kelly is the Town Tax Collector and Town Clerk. Kelly has been in this position for 7 years. Kelly explained to me that it is an elected position. Kelly currently supervises two people. The two staff are under the union.

What is one of your challenges?

Answer: Keeping up with all the laws and the changes for both positions.Kelly explained that every year there are positive changes that keep the Town’s up to date and then there are changes that make the Town feel as tough they are going backwards. The job is forever changing.

What do you like best about your job?

Answer: The people. Kelly enjoys seeing and talking with the people who come in. Kelly also likes that the day-to-day functions are never the same. The day always rushes by as there is so much to do. In listening to Kelly it was very clear to me that she was very customer focused and makes sure that everything she does has a positive impact on the customer. Kelly listen’s to what people have to say. I think this is really important.

How has this position changed?

Answer: The billing has changed, a lot of things are now done online, a lot of communication is through e-mail, and there has been two software changes since she has been there.

Are you involved on any boards?

Yes. Kelly is not required to be however she is the Carroll County Tax Collector Coordinator, second VP of Tax Collector Association, on the Education board for Tax Collector’s and serves on the board for the Historical Society.

The town is audited yearly. The town has to follow strict privacy guidelines. Kelly needs to be certified yearly and has training to complete this on a statewide level. During this training everyone networks and talks about the challenges they face.

Kelly has a huge part in the town Elections. Kelly said one of her biggest concerns is lack of interest from younger individuals. Kelly said now the baby boomers think nothing of voicing their opinions however they do not want to attend meeting or vote. This has a huge impact on the next generation as we have not set the tone for attending meetings and the importance of voting. At the last election there were 108 at the town meeting. Of that 42 were non vested. The majority was all older people.

It was awesome to talk to Kelly because she really likes her job. Kelly said one thing that she works very hard at is educating the young when they are complaining about the importance of voting and attending town meetings. I learned a lot from talking to Kelly and feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to do so.

Amy Brown



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