Leadership Update!

Hi Everyone, (this was sent as an email yesterday, but it’s always best to cover all bases!)

I just want to send a reminder and be very clear that Leadership is NOT meeting this week. The next meeting is on March 19th.

There have been so many schedule changes that I know it’s been hard to keep track of.

So everyone is on the same page, our next meeting is March 19th.

Due to the fact that Remick Farm is now hosting a large school group, we cannot use their facilities as a meeting place. The Arts, Culture and Environment session is now being held at Cranmore Mountain at their Red Sled Café, behind the ticket booth.

The Events Committee meeting met this morning and we discussed the possibility of presenting the check to our chosen non-profit at the Business to Business Expo instead of our graduation. Every year the Expo has an award’s luncheon where we present various business awards. One of them is student entrepreneur of the year. We can seg-way that award into the YP network in the valley and talk about the Leadership program and our fundraising project and then present the check. This way our audience will be 400 local and regional business eyes. It’s a great way to leverage Leadership’s awareness, which needs a little bit more TLC than just various press releases can provide!

I already have the sign-off from Janice, so if you are all comfortable with the potential of choosing the non-profit and raising the funds by May 19th, I think this a great way to go.

Thank you, Jaimie



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