Politics-Different Worlds

I was reading the new New Hampshire Magazine and there was a great short article on A Tale Of Two Parties. It is a great short article on New Hampshire’s two political parties. It is very interesting with voting coming up people are talking about town government which is interesting to listen to. You can become a great leader by listening to the people around you.

On another note it is voting for Best of NH 2014. Go on and vote for your favorite Food and Drink places.




1 thought on “Politics-Different Worlds

  1. Amy, I completely agree. After attending Conway’s town meeting last Wednesday, I was fascinated by the many colorful personalities of our town. Watching each person come through the door with their own story and reason for wanting to have a say at the meeting gave me such a perspective on what it truly takes to manage a community and why it’s important to truly stand your ground on what you believe as long as you have a open eyes and ears.

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