Arts, Culture & Environment Interview: Karl Stone

For the Arts, Culture & Environment Interview I spoke with Karl Stone the Marketing Director of Ski NH. I contacted Karl via email and have worked with him on a few projects but we have never formally had a meeting where I could ask him all the additional questions I had in regards to Ski NH. Karl was very receptive to my invitation to speak and decided due to a busy schedule on both parts a phone interview would be sufficient.

Background: Karl graduated from the University of Delaware and moved to NH to work at Guest Services at Loon Mt. At the end of the season Loon kept Karl on as the Assistant Manager of Guest Services. Karl then was promoted to a Sales position for Loon and Booth Creek Ski Holdings. Karl then left Loon and back to Delaware for a year in search of a career and higher pay but realized that his love for skiing and passion for the ski industry was something that made him come back and has been living in Franconia, NH for the past 12 years now with a wife and child.

Daily duties: Karl comes into the office everyday at 7:30AM to update the snow report on the website, snow phone, social media channels. The job varies from day to day but some things are the same in the winter, every Monday Karl will travel to a different ski area and film. The day after filming Karl will update the ad campaign and distribute the footage to the media, social media, and also sends B-roll to meteorologists. When not skiing and responding to media requests ( He has over 150 requests per year) he is applying for JPP Grants. This is a program through the state of NH that provides matching grants for marketing. Karl also produces one to two Press Releases a month, creates a Summer and Winter press kit. Coordinates the Boston Media Reception for Ski NH, the members and the media. Karl manages all aspects of Ski NH magazine with Yankee Magazine on all the creative, production, and distribution of the magazine. Karl also partners with the State of NH with a winter ad for travel and tourism. Karl creates all the e-newsletters for consumers and members, coordinates the Ski NH members for the Boston Ski Show. Manages the Learn to Ski Free Week, and manages the 4th and 5th Grade Passport Program. Karl is one of a 3 person staff at Ski NH so he also has Guest Service Duties.

Boards Served: NH Travel Council Board

Mission: Founded in 1974, The New Hampshire Travel Council has continually evolved to enhance and encourage the development of the travel and tourism industry in NH. (Read More Here). The Governor’s Conference on Travel and Tourism is a major event and the 38th Annual New Hampshire Governor’s Conference on Tourism will be held May 5 and 6, 2014 at Church Landing at Mill Falls in Meredith, New Hampshire.

About Ski NH:  A major part of Ski NH is the Government Relations. Ski NH has lobbyists in Concord, NH and Alice the Director of Ski NH makes sure there is always a presence in Concord to benefit the members of Ski NH. Ski NH realizes that their members are competitors but also sees themselves as a resource to help the members interact with one another. They create a space for open discussion about the ski industry. This Karl sees as a major benefit to being a member, learning from your peers, someone who has been in the industry longer and can provide guidance and in the increasingly changing world – also provide guidance on how to adapt to change.

Leadership Advice: Always be open for someone to ask you questions and respect the success of others. In knowing that there is a lot of outside competition, working together as a State of NH brings out a unified message, and it’s good to be humble. Learn from other ski areas and ask questions, when Karl first started in the ski industry he found many people taught him and that was a major contribution to where he is today.

Worth Noting: I asked Karl about the major change that would be developing in the next few months — Alice Pearce, the Director of Ski NH, will be leaving her position. Karl stated that it would be a big change, but he sees new opportunities and new ideas as a great advantage even though losing someone like Alice with all her knowledge will be a loss. I asked if by Alice leaving would that bring major changes? Karl stated that the board of directors had somewhat recently gone on a retreat together to re-evaluate the direction of Ski NH and through that meeting they decided to increase the focus on member services, trade organization and Government relations, so the goal is to maintain the vision that came from that meeting of directors.


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