Thoughts on Education Session – Janice

It was so gratifying to be a part of the Education Session of Leadership last week.  So many AHA moments.

I have had the opportunity to talk with Jane Gray, SAU 9 School Board Chair about the impending Superintendent search and her philosophy and purpose in serving for over 24 years in the education field as a concerned citizen.

I first met Jane as a fellow board member of MWV School to Career.

The Selection Committee for the New Superintendent includes:
Jane Gray, SAU 9 Chair
Vicki Harlow, Bartlett School Board Chair
Kelly Murphy, parent
Michelle Capozzoli
Genn Anzaldi, Jackson School Board
Collen Cormack
Jim Hill
Neil Moylan, Principal Kennett High School
Jerry Dokerty (sp?) owner of Jerry’s Furniture

As I understand it the selection committee has  a proposal to go forward to the the Executive Committee which will then be presented to the full board.  Keep your eyes on the paper as I am not privy to share what I know.

The Executive Board of SAU 9 includes
Janine McLauchlan, Chair
Kelly Murphy – Conway Rep
Genn Anzaldi – Jackson Rep
Vicki Harlow – Bartlett Rep
Jane Gray – Eaton Rep
Collen Cormack – Madison Rep

SAU 9 School Board – There is a wealth of information on this website: Core curriculum, videos, SAU 9 Report Card etc.

Our hour long discussion was extremely enlightening.  The following insights are for your edification.

Kevin Richards is the newly promoted Assistant Superintendent.  He was the Kennett Middle School Principal.  His responsibilites for the school system center around curriculum development, staff development and how it relates to curriculum and student development, initial interviewing process.
Kevin is in the process of finishing his certification as a Superintendent with the State of NH.

Elaine Millen is a consultant for SAU 9 supporting Kevin in this role.

Carl Nelson, the current Superintendent is retiring in June

The Superintendent position requires knowledge of complex budgeting issues, union negotiation, working with different school boards that make up SAU 9 (Bartlett, Chatham, Jackson, Harts Location, Eaton, Albany and Conway).

The Selection Committee does intend on having a Meet the Candidates forum for the businesses and parents to engage in the process of determining the new Superintendent.

The student population is going down.  How should this impact the budget?
Did you by any chance read John Skelton’s editorial in Friday’s paper?

Suggested questions to ask those running for School Board:
Do you promise to attend the New Member Board Orientation once elected?
What will you do to become knowledgeable about Governance issues and the business of public education?
Will you come prepared for meetings?  If so, how do you intend to do that?
Are you aware of the magnitude of this responsibility?
Do you have the time to read and digest all of the documents that is posted on the SAU 9 website to help prepare you for the meeting?
Are you aware that it will become evident if you never go into this platform thereby indicating a lack of interest in the task you were elected to accomplish?
What is your background that qualifies you for this responsibility?
Do you have a hidden agenda or special interest (increase teacher pay, sports, make sure my kid is taken care of)?

AHA moment for me.
Chris McKay’s comment that his eyes were opened to the fact that he needed to get involved now to make the changes that would effect is children and/or his businesses ability to find quality employees.

Jane told me that she got involved with the school system because she knew her efforts would not come in time to help her sons but that she wanted to make a difference for those to follow.  Feel free to contact Jane at or 447-6692.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 26th at the observatory.


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