Education Interview with Kevin Richard – Karen Albert

My interview with Kevin Richard, Kennett Middle School Principle and most recently, hired as the SAU 9 Assistant Superintendent.

We spoke on the phone and agreed that I would email him my interview questions, so that he could answer them in writing.  Kevin has graciously said that he would love to visit the school and continue our discussion in person.  I have invited him to a Walk Through The Grades at the Waldorf School, which is to be scheduled on a Tuesday morning – most likely after February vacation.

I really enjoyed asking him the following Leadership type of questions.  Being an Administrator of a school, and new at it, I feel that I would love to talk with Kevin for hours, especially about communication with staff and parents.  I also related to the “hard part of the job” the budget, where if the numbers don’t work, some hard decisions need to follow.

I’m looking forward to talking more with Kevin in the future and I’m really glad I chose him to interview.

Questions:  Leaders connect with the others. We live in an era of connections, but MWV is a “small community”.  With that said, please review and answer the following questions.


□   How do you see yourself, as a leader, connecting with your staff to help your faculty understand their expectations, feel heard, know the process for communicating with other staff, parents, process for grievance.    Communication is a large part of my job. There are a couple of things that we do to get the “big picture” ideas out to the staff, students and parents. For faculty we have monthly faculty meetings, weekly team leader meetings, and daily newsletters that are sent. I have created a teacher handbook that is given out on the first day of school, and the school district policies are online. I try to return phone calls and emails with a “24 hour” rule and my office door is always open during the school day. Accessibility and response to communications is a major part of my day.




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