Education Interview – Viktoriya

I interviewed Clay Groves. He is the director for Project Succeed. He has only been there for 5 weeks. Prior to that he was the director of running start, a program at the community college that combines high school and community college classes. He is a middle school science teacher by training.
Project Succeed is a before and after school program for K-6. It is free for low income pupils and otherwise $7 for child per day. Project Succeed is geared to enrich education for kids by providing homework help, gym activities, arts and crafts, etc. Out of the 3 schools on Conway, 380 students participate in the program.
In Clay’s opinion, a big problem American education is a lack of emphasis on math in K-2. He stated that consequently 70% of high school students are not prepared for college math and must retake math classes. This stems partly from the cultural fear of math.
Another problem with education is inequality in education based on disparity in local funding. Finally, a problem in his opinion is early graduation from high school. Many students are not socially prepared for university or college after graduating early.
A positive in NH education is that it is illegal to drop out of high school until you are 18.

Clay believes that a lot of focus education should be at home, with parental evolvement.


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