Education Interview – Amy Brown

The person I chose to interview was Katherine Nelson. Katherine works as a teacher and tutor. Katherine also has several other “part time” jobs. Here are my interview questions and answer’s below:

How has education changed over the last 5 years.

  • Implimentationof National Common Core Standards
  • Privacy
  • Higher demands on incorporating technology within teaching. Every student has a tablet K-8 and the expectation is to use it daily.

Do you have to attend trainings to keep up with the times?
Yes, the teachers are able to choose the professional development needed to meet their 3 year goals with the sate.

What is your biggest challenge as a teacher?
Socio Economics. Teacher’s are seeing kids coming in who do not brush their teeth, hair, take baths, and children are not supplied with healthy snaks. Sometimes during the week before food stamps come out children have not eaten for days over the weekend. This is very painful as a teacher to see.

How is your curriculum set?
State standards, National Core Standards and districs often choose reading, writing, math curriculum, as long as the district meets state and national standards.

Do you still say the pledge of allegiance?
YES! We say it everyday to pay tribute to our nation.

What are some things you hear on the “no child left behind”?
It can actually set kids up for failure. It is not logical for such large goals to be set without taking individual learning styles and needs into consideration. Katherine is big on teaching the way a student can learn. If a student is struggling she will try and adapt somthing to help them.

Have classes increased or decreased in size?
Classes are larger and students needs are increasing. Needs that teachers are seeing range from attention needs, socio economic needs and divorced families.

How much money comes out of your pocket to fund the classroom.
Approximatly $500 – $750 a year. Tax right off only reimburses teachers $250 a year.

What is the biggest reward about being a teacher?
The most rewarding part is the student interactions. When kids are successful – they are so excited and appreciative.

There are many things you can learn about interviewing a teacher. Have you ever thought of volunteering? Going in for an hour and reading books


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