Board Meeting Attended – Amy Brown

Currently I sit on a board and serve as the Treasurer. I have been on many boards and been committee chairs. My grandmother was very passionate about people having the opportunity to receive scholarships for school. I had the opportunity to attend The Tamworth Scholarship Program Meeting on 2/19/14 at 6pm. Below are some things I learned at the meeting.The Tamworth Scholarship Committee is starting to gear up for scholarships given to 2014 graduates at Kennett High school.

The Tamworth Scholarship Program was formed in 1976.They consist of a board of 7 with 4 board members. This committee is not like others as far as meetings. The committee meets every January, February and April for 1 hour. In May the committee meets 5 times to do interviews and 2 times in June. They leave the option open to meet once in the fall. I asked how the committee communicates and it is mainly all done through e-mail and at meetings.

The Tamworth Scholarship Program provides scholarships to High school, College and continuing education programs. The committee requires a face to face interview. No exceptions. The applicant must be a fulltime resident in Tamworth.They interview everyone using a score system. They want applicant to talk about their personal goals, financial situation, work experience and community involvement.

I asked what a challenge might be for the committee. The program has run across 50% of the high school class not applying. The committee did some research and found the reason for the decrease was that student’s do not want to take the time or are uncomfortable interviewing in person. The guidance department said all the other scholarships are just filling out an application. The committee feels it is very important that applicants have interview exposure.

Dollar amounts awarded each year range anywhere from $750.00 to $1,500.00. The committee has a budget each year of $12-$15 thousand. The awards are presented at Kennett’s Awards Night.

I asked what the committee member’s got out of being a part of such a wonderful program. They love the interaction with the future leaders in the community. They enjoy seeing the kids grow up and graduate, moving on to bigger things.


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