Article About Local Government in NH

HOOKSETT, N.H. —An outspoken member of the Hooksett School Board was censured by his colleagues Wednesday night.The board voted 3-1 to censure John Lyscars for what one member called “disturbing behavior.” Hooksett is in the middle of a divisive debate over where to send its high school students, and Lyscars, with his sometimes over-the-top behavior, has become a lightning rod.
“John has humiliated our administrative staff to the point where they’ve had to come here and voice their grave concerns two times,” said Phil Denbow of the school board. “He has also exhibited disturbing behavior at meetings where he has screamed at the top of his lungs and acted disrespectfully to fellow citizens during public input sessions.”
A shouting incident took place in December. Board members also took issue with postings Lyscars made on blogs and social media.
“One was a statement about, ‘in the upcoming months, I will be proposing the institution of a zero tolerance policy for administrators who might be inept about performing their job to provide security to our children.’ And the second was a statement that said, ‘You are about to go on a tumultuous ride that will not be good for your career path.’” said Gordon Graham, attorney for the school board.
Lyscars said those posts were taken out of context and he has been targeted, too.
“People have said things in the press, people have said things in public, and it has ruined my reputation, but I’m not going away,” Lyscars said.
He said the tense atmosphere in the district these days can’t be pinned on one person.
“Something is wrong here because there is a claim being made about fear in our district and I wholeheartedly believe it because I take this very seriously,” Lyscars said. “But to your point, I will not take the blame for that because it’s not my fault for all the fear.”
In another meeting Wednesday night for the school administrative unit that includes Hooksett, Auburn and Candia, the board heard a formal complaint alleging that the superintendent verbally threatened a man after a meeting three months ago.
The complaint was handled behind closed doors. The chairman said the superintendent has been “instructed in regards to his behavior.”


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